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The second part of our conversation with Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO  of Other World Computing (OWC), wraps up the confusion around Thunderbolt versions and hardware. Larry then looks at the opportunities for more creativity with the capabilities of iPhone 15, a new OWC utility that evaluates external drives for video use with it, and a surprising warning for PC users or those using drives with PCs. (Part 2) 

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Show Notes:


0:00:38 Introduction to Larry O'Connor and Thunderbolt 3 vs. Thunderbolt 4
0:09:42 Intel's Mistake with Thunderbolt 4 Naming
0:11:36 Differentiating Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4
0:12:38 Understanding the complexity of Thunderbolt technology
0:16:06 iPhone 15: A Powerful Tool for Creative Professionals
0:16:51 iPhone 15 Pro's professional video capabilities
0:18:30 SpeedTest for iPhone ensures drive performance for direct capture
0:21:16 Ensuring Confidence in Drive Testing
0:22:35 Apple making video editing accessible for professionals and home users
0:24:15 The importance of using APFS for data protection
0:29:58 The Rapid Progress of Technology
0:30:47 Apple's Easy-to-Use Products
0:32:45 Plans for CES and Appreciation for Customers


Larry O’Connor is the Founder and CEO of Other World Computing (aka OWC). Connect with him on X/Twitter as @OWCLarry.


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00:00:37 Introduction to Larry O'Connor and Thunderbolt 3 vs. Thunderbolt 4 00:02:26 Thunderbolt 3: Performance for peripherals and devices 00:05:04 Thunderbolt 4: Limited bandwidth for specific functions 00:06:41 Thunderbolt 3: Example of performance with Thunderbolt 3 ProDock 00:08:06 Thunderbolt 4: Rigid requirements and compatibility with Macs 00:09:43 Thunderbolt 4: Limited support and compliance on PC side 00:11:36 Differentiating between Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 00:12:37 Understanding the complexities of Thunderbolt technology 00:14:00 Thunderbolt compatibility and performance on Mac vs PC 00:16:51 iPhone 15 Pro: A Game-Changer in Video Production 00:18:16 Introducing SpeedTest for iPhone - Ensuring Optimal Performance 00:20:30 SpeedTest App: Avoiding Surprises and Compatibility Issues 00:21:16 Ensuring Confidence in Drive Testing 00:22:35 Apple's devices breaking barriers in video creation 00:30:47 Simplifying Complexity with Apple Products 00:32:31 Appreciation for Customers and Solutions
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