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At NAB in Las Vegas, Driscoll Bowlby, Technical Sales for Techflex, profiles a few of their products that make cable organization a breeze. F6, a split-wrappable solution, easily applied, removed or added to. FlexoWrap offers a Velcro closure as an alternative. Available in multiple colors and made of durable yet lightweight PET material braided for strength, Techflex are affordable in any configuration. If you want to organize that tangle of cables that has been haunting you, Techflex is the answer. 

Show Notes:


00:57 TechFlex product range
01:45 Variety of colors offered
02:12 Material durability and composition
02:46 Sizes available for purchase
03:08 FlexoWrap with Velcro option
03:44 Pricing information
04:14 Conclusion and website reference


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