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On the show floor at NAB in Las Vegas, Mathias Näslund, a professional filmmaker and Co-Founder and CEO of CRDBAG, discusses their unique system designed for professional gear, which includes pouches in various sizes with velcro strips and hooks for easy organization. Included in their system are predefined title patches and color coding for easy grouping and identification of equipment, a digital app for gear inventory identification, and NFC tags for tracking. Emphasizing quality and design, the company aims to create durable and efficient gear solutions for enthusiasts and professionals, prioritizing longevity and effectiveness. 

Show Notes:


01:12 Unveiling CRDBAG Organizing System.
02:01 Features of CRDBAG Pouches.
03:30 Introducing the Fused and Grid Lid.
06:12 Innovative CRDBAG Accessories.
08:06 CRDBAG App Overview.
10:38 NFC Tags and Pack List Mode.
13:07 Origins of CRDBAG Creation.
14:37 Discussion on CRDBAG Pricing.
16:08 Future Innovations by CRDBAG.


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