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Charlotte Henry and Chuck Joiner analyze the impact of Apple TV+ in the streaming market, discussing viewer fatigue, effective marketing strategies, and the significance of exclusive content. They explore changing audience preferences, show cancellations on streaming services, and the potential shift of the movie industry towards streaming platforms. The conversation concludes by recognizing the progress of Apple TV+ in the competitive landscape and emphasizing the importance of diverse content offerings for audience engagement. 

Show Notes:


00:00 Introduction to TV Plus Talk
02:53 The Negative Opinion of Apple TV Plus
04:59 Strategies to Improve Apple TV Plus Perception
07:30 Impact of Show Cancellations on Subscriptions
09:14 The Future of Streaming Services
11:09 Apple TV Plus Content Strategy
13:26 Underrated Apple TV Plus Shows
14:18 Perception vs. Reality of Apple TV Plus Content
15:47 Balance Between Catalog and New Content
17:27 Consumer Perception of Streaming Services
21:34 Effects of Easy Subscription Cancellation
24:15 Home Entertainment vs. Movie Theater Experience
27:12 Apple TV Plus Deep Catalog Discussion
30:51 The Future of Theaters and Streaming Services
32:15 Embracing Fun in Entertainment
33:30 Apple TV Plus' Shift Towards Fun Content


Charlotte Henry is a media junkie, covering how Apple is not just a revolutionary tech firm, but a revolutionary media firm. She is based in London, writes and broadcasts for various outlets, and is the author of Not Buying It, an examination of fake news. You can find her on her The Addition blog, her podcast, in her The Addition newsletter on substack, and on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and TikTok.


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