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<p>Our annual <strong>Road to</strong> <a href=""><strong>Macstock</strong></a> wraps up with a conversation with organizer <strong>Mike Potter </strong>about the move to a new, intimate venue and the introduction of a virtual pass for live streaming. Mike runs down the list of presenters, what they will be talking about, and why he is extra excited for this year’s conference. (Part 1)</p>
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<h3>Show Notes:</h3>
<p>0:00:00 The end of the road to Mac Stock with organizer Mike Potter.<br />0:00:27 Final Road to MacStock Show with Mike Potter<br />0:09:54 Finalizing the Event Preparations<br />0:11:49 Ensuring Adequate Resources for Attendees<br />0:12:55 Deadline for purchasing virtual pass and receiving video links<br />0:17:47 Automating processes and planning for upcoming events<br />0:20:08 Embracing the future and adapting to virtual work<br />0:22:06 Incorporating new voices and dynamic to the conference<br />0:23:38 Running through the list of speakers for this year's conference<br />0:24:39 The Power of Mesh Routers and NAS in Home Networks<br />0:30:36 Embracing Simplicity in Life<br />0:30:41 Exciting talks for both longtime and new Mac users<br />0:32:12 AI-based program Mac Whisper and Marty's talk on artificial intelligence</p>
<p><strong>Michael Potter</strong>  is the Executive Producer of<strong> <a href="">For Mac Eyes Only</a></strong>, and the organizer of the annual<a href=""><strong> Macstock Conference and Expo</strong></a>. Mike's love-affair for all things Apple began in his Junior High's Library playing Lemonade Stand on a pair of brand new Apple ][+ computers. His penchant for Apple gear continued to be nurtured by the public school system when, in High School, he was hired as a lab supervisor to help run the Apple ][e lab for his fellow students and their Print Shop needs. Then, further still, in college he often opted to help a friend with her Computer Graphics coursework instead of focusing on his own studies, but only because it helped get him closer to the Mac-lab.</p>
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