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<p>In this edition of TV+ Talk, <strong>Charlotte Henry</strong> and <strong>Chuck Joiner </strong>explore Apple TV+'s impact on live sports and their recent ventures into sports broadcasting, highlighting their MLB coverage and the 10-year MLS deal. Apple's extra charge for sports channels and its potential impact on streaming services and how Lionel Messi's upcoming participation in the Leagues Cup game will affect subscriptions is discussed.  Netflix's entry into the live sports market, and whether it is legitimately interesting or just contrived, and rule changes around the Academy Awards and what they mean for Appleā€™s Oscar chances for future films finish off the show. </p>
<h3>Show Notes:</h3>
<p><strong>Chapters:<br /><br /></strong>0:02:10 Apple's Move into Sports with MLB Coverage<br />0:06:28 The Aaron Judge Row and Apple's Serious Approach to Sports Broadcasting<br />0:10:03 Apple's 10-year deal with MLS Soccer<br />0:13:59 Apple TV+ Sports as a bolt-on to subscriptions<br />0:17:30 Apple TV Plus and Sport Bundles<br />0:18:59 MLS and Lionel Messi on Apple TV+<br />0:23:30 Contrived Netflix rumored golf tournament<br />0:26:30 Peacock and Premier League Games<br />0:27:30 Apple's sports coverage and documentaries<br />0:33:38 Oscars rules changes and impact on Apple TV+<br />0:37:00 Apple's strategy for movies in theaters<br />0:40:04 Upcoming releases on Apple TV Plus</p>
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