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<p>The hosts of <a href=""><strong>Photocombobulate</strong></a>, <strong>Jeff Carlson </strong>and <strong>Mason Marsh</strong> discuss a recent two-week photo journey, and what it took to make it a success. We start out with where they went, the clothing they selected due to the conditions, and the hardware they took to make the most of the trip. How they stayed powered, how they stayed connected, and why they mapped out the best coffee shops along the way make for some great lessons for your next trip. (Part 1)  </p>
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<h3>Show Notes:</h3>
<p>Author and photographer <strong>Jeff Carlson</strong> (<strong><a href="">@jeffcarlson</a></strong>, is a columnist for the Seattle Times, a contributing editor at TidBITS (<strong><a href=""></a></strong>), and writes for publications such as<strong> <a href="">Macworld</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Photographic Elements Techniques</a></strong>. He is the author of <strong><a href="">The Connected Apple Family</a></strong>,<strong> <a href="">The iPad for Photographers, Third Edition</a></strong>, <strong><a href="">iPad & iPhone Video: Film, Edit, and Share the Apple Way</a></strong>, and<strong> <a href="">Take Control of Your Digital Photos on the Mac</a></strong>, among many other books. He believes there's never enough coffee, and does his best to test that theory. You can find him podcasting about photography on both <a href=""><strong>PhotoActive</strong></a> and <strong><a href="">Photocombobulate</a></strong>.</p>
<p><strong>Mason Marsh</strong> is a photographer, educator, and guide in Portland, Oregon. His passion for life-long learning comes from decades of teaching in museums, on tall ships, and in classrooms. He has developed and lead numerous highly-rated Road Scholar workshops on a variety of topics, including photography programs in the Pacific Northwest. His photographs have been published world-wide but he believes that his work is ever evolving and that he has much to learn. His photographs can be seen at <a href=""><strong></strong></a>., and you can hear him talking photography on the <a href=""><strong>Photocombobulate</strong></a> podcast.</p>
<p><a href=""><strong>Photocombobulate Episode #6</strong></a> about the trip<br /><br /><strong><a href="">Mason’s Blog about Bodie, one of the sites on the trip</a><br /><br /></strong><a href=""><strong>The camera bags</strong></a> Jeff and Mason used on the trip, (Jeff has the 30L and Mason the 35L)<br /><br />The charging plug Mason uses in coffee shops:<br /><a href=""><strong>Anker Quick Charge 3.0 43.5W 4-Port USB Wall Charger</strong></a></p>
<p><strong><a href="">Jeff’s fabulous puffy jacket</a><br /><br /></strong><strong><a href="">Mason’s fabulous puffy jacket</a><br /><br /></strong><a href=""><strong>Mason’s page</strong></a> with lists of current gear<br /><br />The car charging magsafe mount that Jeff used on the trip (however, it broke so he wouldn’t recommend it):<br /><strong><a href="">WAITIEE Magnetic Wireless Car Charger</a> <br /><br /></strong>The car charging mount Mason has ordered:<br /><a href=""><strong>PeakDesign Car Mount</strong></a></p>
<p><br />The car charging mount Jeff is looking at to replace his failed one: <br /><a href=""><strong>Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo), Car Charging Mount</strong></a></p>
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