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<p>The second part of our conversation about eGlass with <strong>Ji Shen</strong>, the CEO of <strong><a href="">HoverCam</a></strong>, <strong>Dr. Matt Anderson</strong>, the President and CEO of <a href=""><strong>Learning Glass Solutions</strong></a> and a physics professor at San Diego State University, and <strong>Bailey Pierson</strong>, the Marketing Director for <strong><a href="">HoverCam</a></strong> shifted to the experiences they have had using it, and some of the more technical details. eGlass could be the future of live education because it preserves the best of the white board, presentation program, and instructor/student interaction. We also discussed some possible business use cases for both in-person and virtual interactions. </p>
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<h3>Show Notes:</h3>
<p><strong>Ji Shen</strong> is founder and CEO of Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., doing business as HoverCam, a leader in educational technology field. HoverCam was founded in 2009 by Shen and is 100% focused on developing instructional audio and video technologies for educators. Since its inception, HoverCam has developed a series of innovative products including industry firsts: USB based document cameras, Android based document cameras, all-in-one digital teaching station, and now eGlass, an embodied teaching transparent glassboard.</p>
<p>He has been an entrepreneur in the EdTech field for 16 years.  Previously, he founded iClassmate Learning Management System company.  Prior to iClassmate, Mr. Shen was co-founder of Aegisoft, a leading developer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Aegisoft was acquired by streaming media leader, RealNetworks, in 2001.  Aegisoft’s DRM technology was used in over 200 million RealPlayers.  Shen has also worked at Arthur D. Little Inc., Ernst & Young LLP, and American Management System (AMS). </p>
<p>Ji received a Ph.D. ABD (all but dissertation) in Computational Statistics, and a M.S. of Applied Statistics and Operations Research from George Mason University. He has received B.S. in Metallurgy from Harbin Institute of Technology in China.</p>
<p><strong>Dr. Matt Anderson</strong> has nearly three decades of experience in physics research and education. As a professor of physics for the last 20 years at San Diego State University, he has led a highly productive research group, garnering multiple research grants and publishing 29 papers and 5 patents. He has taught a multitude of course offerings, and is consistently one of the top-rated professors. He recently won the Senate Distinguished Professor award from the university (given annually to one professor on campus) and was twice nominated for the prestigious Robert Foster Cherry Award for Teaching Excellence administered by Baylor University (the nation’s highest teaching award). <strong><a href="">His physics education channel on YouTube</a></strong> has garnered over 8 million views and over 90k subscribers, and he has given invited talks nationally and internationally.</p>
<p>Dr. Anderson holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of California at San Diego, a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Oregon, a postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Rochester, and was a visiting faculty member at the University of Oxford. He is a cofounder of Learning Glass Solutions and serves as the CEO and President for the company. He is married with three kids and a dog, likes to surf, play guitar, hike, and eat fish tacos.</p>
<p><strong>Bayley Pierson</strong> is the Marketing Director of HoverCam, a technology company dedicated to transforming classrooms into the advanced digital learning spaces of the future. A philanthropist with an interest in embodied learning, Pierson is dedicated to developing collaboration solutions that assist educators in better preparing students for the future while relieving some of the biggest challenges that impede success in the present.</p>
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