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<p>The second half of our discussion with cognitive scientist <strong>Brittany Smith</strong> gets a bit more specific on the issue of interfaces with an example of an iPhone home screen that is distracting at best, how Apple tries to help you not create that distraction, why some people jailbreak phone for interface modifications (please don’t do that), and why the options in iOS 14 help address some of that distraction. She also shares some of her preferences and why when it comes to her Mac’s Finder arrangement.</p>
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<h3>Show Notes:</h3>
<p><strong>Brittany Smith</strong> is a cognitive neuroscientist who provides a variety of consulting services through her business, <strong><a href="">Devise and Conquer</a></strong> that includes ADD/ADHD coaching, technology coaching, productivity consulting, and more. She is a self-designated “well-rounded geek”, and holds a M.S. degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. She can be found on Twitter as<strong> <a href="">@addliberator</a></strong>. Her latest project is<strong> <a href="">Jedi Yoga</a></strong>. </p>
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