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<p><strong>Ted Landau</strong> has been busy researching, shopping for, installing, and using the home theater system of his dreams. Now that the dust has settled, Ted talks us through the process, from big box store experiences to the AV Forums to the actual use of his systems. Find out what he chose and why. Ted also has some thoughts on the state of macOS…where we’ve been and where we are.</p>
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<h3><br />Guests:</h3>
<p><strong>Ted Landau</strong> is the author of several Mac and iPhone help books and was the founder of <em>MacFixIt</em>. He has also been a contributor to numerous magazines and websites, including <em>Macworld</em> and <em>The Mac Observer</em>. His blog is<a href="">T<strong>ed Landau’s Slanted Viewpoint</strong></a>, and you can follow him on<strong> <a href="">Twitter</a></strong>.</p>
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